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Various Ways to Get Information Before Buying Products


It is essential to obtain relevant information about a product before making a purchasing decision. The key question, therefore, is where to get this information. Consumers can obtain information regarding products that they intend to purchase in various ways. They include:

Customer reviews

customer reviewsCustomer reviews have become common especially in the age of information and communication technology. These reviews offer information about various products in the marketplace. Some of the information that buyers can obtain from customer reviews include pricing, product quality, functionality, customer service, and authenticity of the seller.

Such information can help consumers make purchasing decisions and buy products that give them value for money. Customer reviews can be found on various platforms on the Internet as well as in magazines. Increased access to the Internet means that buyers can find the relevant information that they need with just a click.


Product samples allow buyers to get a taste of what they intend to purchase before making the actual purchase. These samples can enable you to determine the quality of a product and whether it matches your tastes and preferences. Some companies have taken this approach as a marketing strategy where they allow customers to sample products and then decide if they want to make a purchase or otherwise.


This is a time-tested way of getting information about a product before making a purchase. Window-shopping enables a buyer to obtain first-hand information about a product to make purchases from the point of information. Some of the goals that can be achieved through this exercise include price comparison to buy products at favorable prices and determining the level of service quality.

Customers can then decide to buy products from sellers that offer commodities at favorable prices and also from those that provide excellent customer service. The key benefit of window-shopping is that the buyer gets to collect all the necessary information by himself or herself.

Feedback from family and friends

Family and friends can provide valuable information about a product. They are also unlikely to provide misleading information due to the established trust and close ties. Other than offering information about the product that you intend to buy, they can also direct you toward similar products that may meet your needs better than the one that is currently under consideration.

Marketing campaigns

discountMarketing campaigns are used by companies to offer value to consumers. The value proposition can be used to determine whether a given product will meet your needs and preferences. It is, however, important to be careful while obtaining information from marketing initiatives because they are fundamentally designed to increase sales and benefit the seller. Information that can be obtained from marketing campaigns includes pricing, functionality, and availability.

Getting information before buying a product ensures that you purchase a product that gives you value for money. It also ensures that you are not taken advantage of by sellers in the marketplace. Information that can be collected before buying a product includes the price of the product, where to buy it from, the prices of substitutes, and the functionality of the product.